Software release - Beta 0.1


New software for SIF interface was released. Software is only beta version of new operating system for DivIDE and SIF.
Final version will be support complete LOAD and SAVE support over internet.

Current status is:
- installer to DivIDE mapram mode
- NMI menu for SIF configuration
- small terminal for comunicating over serial or with ConnectOne modul
- configuration utility for ConnectOne modul, IP setting, network, etc.
- FTP client and browser
- LOAD and SAVE over FTP to TAP file at server
- load SNA files (currently only 48kb version)
- viewer for SCR files.

To be implemented:
- new commands support (LOAD *"xxx" and similar for generic files)
- SNA, Z80 support
- zip support to open files from WOS archive
- software auto update

Some examples of software:

To run software you need:
SIF interface with ConnectOne modul
DivIDE or clone

Updates of software will come soon

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