New series production


New series of Serial interface will be produced in September. This version will be completely compatible with allready produced prototypes, but will bring also some new features and solve some small errors from last version.
Serial interface is basicaly door to real comunication world, with lot of hardware (ConnectOne modules (Wifi/Ethernet), Vinculum (USB Host), Parallax (I/O modules, speak, voice recognition)

What is target:
- Using ConnectOne module replace CF/SD/HDD or tape with FTP on your network or internet

What will module brings to user:
- two full UARTS for connecting HW to your Spectrum, with easy control (also Basic)
- HW flow control of data
- option for Wifi or Ethernet interface controled by easy text commands
- passtrough interface without any infuence on other hardware
- IrDA interface

What applications can be done with this interface (not yet fully developed/released)
- comunication with PC over Serial
- comunication with PC over Wifi/Ethernet
- tape emulation over FTP (through Wifi/Ethernet)
- WWW server
- NTP client (RTC on your Spectrum)
- Email receive and send
- text WWW/WAP client
- connect some other devices with RS232 (Vinculum USB host, etc..)

Example of application is running here
This page is hosted in ConnectOne module embedded on SIF board and reading temerature at Z80 CPU.

Where to get one:
Send mail to sif01 (at) itherm (dot) cz

What is price for complete SIF board WITHOUT embedded module. (without postage)
- 1000CZK
- 40 Euro
- price for SIF with Wifi or Ethernet on request

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