Software release - Beta 0.1


New software for SIF interface was released. Software is only beta version of new operating system for DivIDE and SIF.
Final version will be support complete LOAD and SAVE support over internet.

Current status is:
- installer to DivIDE mapram mode
- NMI menu for SIF configuration
- small terminal for comunicating over serial or with ConnectOne modul
- configuration utility for ConnectOne modul, IP setting, network, etc.
- FTP client and browser
- LOAD and SAVE over FTP to TAP file at server
- load SNA files (currently only 48kb version)
- viewer for SCR files.

New series production


New series of Serial interface will be produced in September. This version will be completely compatible with allready produced prototypes, but will bring also some new features and solve some small errors from last version.
Serial interface is basicaly door to real comunication world, with lot of hardware (ConnectOne modules (Wifi/Ethernet), Vinculum (USB Host), Parallax (I/O modules, speak, voice recognition)

What is target:
- Using ConnectOne module replace CF/SD/HDD or tape with FTP on your network or internet

What will module brings to user:



Sinclair SIF is new communication interface for most models of Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Main purpose is dual RS 232 with hardware flow control. Infterface is populated with two 16C650 UARTs and CPLD XC9572 for addressing. PCB is using SMT components and vertical board mount allow pass through all bus signals for other devices (DivIDE, etc.)

  • First channel is wired to full RS232 transceiver (3x TX, 5x RX) to DB9 connector.
  • Programing for SIF - 1. Creating connection


    This example will show, how to create connection with ConnectOne module. Basics are same for both type of modules (wifi or lan) and only different is because setting SSID and access key with wifimodule.

    Basics with Basic 1.


    Basics in Basic

    In this chapter we can see how to configure SIF in Basic to get connection. You can also see some easy terminal program to send characters over serial line and receive this.
    In this example we will use SIF with Base address at 131 and all IO ports will be related to this address.
    This will be basic setting for 115200 bauds, 8 bits, 1 stop bit, no parity and HW handstake

    1. First of all we have to choose UART by CONFIG register. This setting will select UART1, disable INT and delete all flag registers
       OUT Base+28, 0

    Basic design


    Sinclair SIF is dual channel serial interface. Device is based on two 16C650 Uarts with 7,3738MHz clock. By internal Baud rate generator is possible set speed from 50Baud to 460800Baud. SIF is completely powered by 3,3Volts by internal linear regulator, but all inputs are 5Volts tolerant.


    Interface needs 8 I/O ports and works with full 8 bits port addressing, base address is selectable by solder jumpers on board. Address range is follow:

    Board rev .02


    Because first release of boards have some problems and used xport instead of new connect one modules.New series of PCB was redesigned. Old version will not be any more produced in future.

    Web release

    This site will be official page with informations about serial interface for ZX Spectrum.

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